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Attend Our Free Digital Marketing Course Demo Session at Digitrainers, Ashok Nagar, Udaipur. Book Your Seat Now! Lets Talk +91-9665297274.

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Digital Marketing Course for Job Seekers: An Overview

The advent of digital marketing in India led to an increase in numerous job opportunities. These digital marketing jobs are still available to grab. All they require is individuals with digital marketing skills. With this course, we, at DigiTrainers, prepare the job seekers to land in one of these digital marketing jobs in India. The course has been designed with job seekers at the center of it. It develops digital marketing skills in them or hones their existing skills with the latest concepts of the domain.

Digital Marketing is a hot domain these days and even in the days to come. The corporates out there are looking for digital marketing experts to match their online marketing expectations. The new techniques of internet marketing and platforms of digital marketing are further shooting up the demand for digital marketing professionals. Furthermore, the pay scale in the industry is competitive and there is no bar for the candidate with the excellent know-how of the domain. Therefore, digital marketing for job seekers is a must if they want to land in a reputed, high paying, and secure job.

Other than job seekers, this course also caters to those who wish to pursue a digital marketing internship in any organization. Those who are new yet passionate about digital marketing can enroll in this digital marketing course for freshers and later pursue an internship before going for a full-fledged job. This is quite an easy way to earn while you earn. With your knowledge and practical training from the course clubbed with the practical exposure of the internship, you can successfully pursue a digital marketing professional career later on.

Digital marketing job opportunities are many. As a job seeker, don’t you want to grab one of them? Then what’s stopping you from making a successful career for yourself? Enroll in our Master Training in Applied Digital Marketing program today!

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Digital Marketing Course for Job Seekers
What Does it Offer?

Our digital marketing course for job seekers boasts of a well-designed and comprehensive curriculum. The entire course has been bifurcated into 26 modules. Each of these modules contains the details of a digital marketing concept. This is a certified digital marketing course and thus, the graduates out there can even take up this as a postgraduate digital marketing course.
What differentiates this course from that of the other institutes is that it’s a digital marketing course with a job guarantee. We have tie-ups with eminent brands who hire from us the digital marketing experts. Our responsibility doesn’t end with the end of the course but we go well beyond academics. From imparting digital marketing know-how to resume preparation, interview preparation, and placement guidance, we cover all the aspects of the digital marketing course and placement.


  • 120+ Hours of Classroom Training: Whether you are taking this digital marketing course after 12th or you are a graduate, these 120+ hours entails extensive digital marketing knowledge imparting.
  • 60+ Hours Assignments: Practical training is an integral part of all our courses, with this digital marketing course for job seekers being no exception.
  • 13+ Certificates: This is a certified course with each of the certificates boosting your trustworthiness and credibility as you go out and explore various digital marketing job opportunities.
  • Lifetime DTOLMS Access: Learn and revise at any time and from anywhere with the lifetime access of DigiTrainers Online Learning Management System and 3 months access to high-quality video lectures.
  • Domain & Hosting: As a part of this course, you get the domain and hosting service for your static website.
  • INR 200 for Ads Spend: Get to make and run actual ad campaigns on different digital marketing platforms with a credit of INR 200.


Modules HighlightS

Social Media

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Social Media Funnel
  • Social Media Automation
  • Whatsapp Marketing

Digital Marketing Basics

  • DM Overview
  • Mobile Marketing
  • EMAIL Marketing

Graphics & Content Marketing

  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing and Marketing

Development & Design

  • Website Creation (Static)

Paid Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Video/Youtube Marketing
  • Lead Generation for Business
  • Remarketing and Conversion
  • Advanced Pay Per Click
  • Landing Page Optimization

SEO & Organic Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Off-Page Strategy, Planning and Execution
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Local SEO

Who all are Eligible for Our Master Training in Applied Digital Marketing?

As the name suggests, all those who wish to master the concepts of digital marketing can enroll in this course and leverage its potential. The course imparts various basic and advanced concepts of digital marketing that help individuals get a reputed and high paying job. Though this is a digital marketing course for job seekers, its eligibility scope is quite broad and wide. The course comes with a steep learning curve. Therefore, if you are passionate to learn digital marketing, you are very much eligible for this course. Let’s have a look at the eligibility list of this course.


  • The course suits well to those job seekers who are currently exploring digital marketing jobs in India.
  • This is also a course for freshers or those looking for digital marketing jobs for freshers.
  • It’s also a digital marketing course for students, graduates, and postgraduates.
  • The course has also been designed for those looking forward to pursuing a digital marketing course after 12th standard.
  • Those looking forward to pursuing an internship program in digital marketing can take up this course.
  • Couldn’t Meet the Eligibility Criteria?
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How Does DigiTrainers’ Master Training in Applied Digital Marketing Help You?

Seeking a job, especially for students and freshers could be a daunting task. Some corporates mostly prefer experienced individuals for jobs. However, there has been a paradigm shift recently owing to the advent of digital marketing. Those with digital marketing know-how and skills have an edge over others in the job market. Digital marketing for job seekers is therefore quite essential and beneficial. In this program, we impart the required knowledge of the digital marketing concepts to the trainees. Further, there are practical training sessions and sessions that help them acquire this skill.

We also extend placement guidance to our trainees that help them land in a reputed job. This guidance entails resume preparation, interview preparation, practicing the frequently asked questions in digital marketing interviews and much more. All in all, with this digital marketing course, we assure job guarantee to the trainees involved in the program.

  • 26 Digital Marketing Modules to Build the Required Skill
  • The Course Makes You Employable in the Digital Marketing Industry
  • 13+ Certificates to Build Trust and Credibility in the Job Market
  • Lifetime DTOLMS Access to Learn, Revise and Implement the Concepts
  • 3 months Access to High-Quality Video Lectures
  • Hands-On Experience with Live Money Spending on Ad Campaigns
  • Comprehensive Placement Guidance to the Trainees of the Course
  • A Digital Marketing Course with a Job Guarantee
  • Hours of Classroom Training and Practical Assignments
  • Lectures by the Experts of the Field

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Digital Marketing Course for Job Seekers
A Number-Based Evaluation

The digital marketing industry is thriving, with plenty of digital marketing job opportunities available in India. Other than full-fledged jobs, many organizations also look for digital marketing interns. On the whole, there is something for everyone in this industry. Here are numbers to prove our point.


Digital Marketing Jobs Available at any Point in Time on Job Portals

~15,000 to ~25,000*

Is the Average Salary of a Digital Marketing Fresher


Different Digital Marketing Profiles to Choose From

Knowing the digital marketing fundamentals by heart is a necessity for those who want to be successful in this field. Here at Digitrainers, which happens to be one of the best Digital Marketing and SEO institute in Udaipur, we have developed a digital marketing course in such a manner that, it would touch all the aspects of digital marketing.

                        Based on profile, here are some essentials on why this field will benefit you.


Placement Guarantee by DigiTrainers


Internship Guarantee at DigiTrainers Institute Till the Time You Get a Job


*It's average data and keeps fluctuating.

Here’s what our Trainees Have to Say about Our Digital Marketing Courses in Udaipur

We have achieved

Trained Candidates


We feel proud to announce that we have till now skilled 500+ trainees. Our objective is to continually improve and upgrade the standard of our training so that more and more students can benefit from it. .



We have behind us, the experience of conducting more than 45+ batches. That speaks about our success, and the huge response we have received.



A rating of 4.9 out of 5 from our Digital Marketing trainers are proof of the quality training we offer to them, and their level of satisfaction. We would like to thank the trainees for extending their love and support.

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Active in the industry since 2019, Digi Trainers has a team of in-house trainers, having an experience of 7+ years in the Digital Marketing industry.

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